Let us create a private TV channel that you can use to communicate with your customers on TV at your business or in a web browser. 


Just imagine the programming possibilities and cross-promotional opportunities with your own TV channel where all of your business locations are completely individualized with its own program content.  Use it for digital menu boards, customer testimonials, ad spots, community messages and much more.


Click image below for larger view

Click image below for larger view

All digital signage projects we create for our clients include two versions.  One for your flat panel TV and one for your website.

All of our online demos are embedded on a web page, just like your project.  Embedded simply means that external content becomes integrated into your website or a web page. 

Now, you can display your Digital Signage on flat panel TV(s) at your place of business and also on your website, desktop computer and mobile devices that support flash.

Click on an embedded demo below to see how it works.

Please view on a desktop or laptop computer

Pizza & Subs Restaurant

Vietnamese Restaurant & Bar

Colorado Ballet

California Film Foundation

Auto Dealership

Chiropractor Office



Think of it as your own TV channel and your customers as your audience.

Have you seen those TV screens installed in public areas like retail stores, waiting areas, auto dealerships, restaurants and bars just to name a few?  Well, that’s called Digital Signage and it’s used to educate, inform or advertise the right message at the right place at the right time.

ip|NARROWCAST Digital Signage does visual communications.  We provide the software and support services that bring flat panel TVs to life with customized digital messaging.

In essence, we create a private TV channel for our clients that allows them to promote products, services and information directly to their own customers on flat panel TVs at the business location.

Your customers choose to patronize your business on purpose.  Once there, the messages they receive from the digital signage are relevant to your customers and target them at a time when they are closest to and most receptive to your messages.  This is why it can influence additional customer purchase behavior by up to 29.5%.

What truly distinguishes Digital Signage from other forms of promotional media is that the platform can react instantly and is constantly evolving its messages.  This is smart, efficient, fast and much greener for the environment than posters and pacards.

Your TV screens are controlled remotely from a web browser.  All content items can be changed or altered instantly.

All demonstrations are intended to provide you with an abbreviated overview of our services and serve only as a representation of the infinite possibilities available for your project.

We welcome an opportunity to further disscuss the power of Digital Signage for your business.


ipNARROWCAST Digital Signage bases many of its business decisions on Arbitron-Nielsen Research.

Arbitron, Inc. is a world-wide media and marketing research firm serving the media—radio, television, cable, online radio and out-of-home—as well as advertisers and advertising agencies.

Nielsen Holdings N.V. is an American global information and measurement company with headquarters in New York and Diemen, the Netherlands. Nielsen is active in over 100 countries and employs approximately 40,000 people worldwide.

Please view their research study on Digital Signage here:  Digital Place-Based Video Study

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