What we do.

ip|NARROWCAST does visual communications - specifically digital signage applications.  We provide the software and support services that bring flat panel TVs to life with customized digital messaging for your business.

In essence, we create a private TV channel for our clients that allows them to promote products, services and information directly to their own customers on flat panel TVs at the business location.

Your customers choose to patronize your business on purpose.  Once there, the messages they receive from the digital signage are relevant to your customers and target them at a time when they are closest to and most receptive to your messages.  This is why it can influence additional customer purchase behavior by up to 29.5%.

Integrate your digital signage with QR codes, Social Networking, Website and email Newsletters.

In additon, our service may be easily integrated with your website, social networking services, QR code technology and embedded viewing options for smart phones, tablets, MAC and PC.

Together, all combine to give you an easy, powerful and highly cost-effective way to
PROMOTE TO, INFORM and ENGAGE your customers.

When your customers know more about you, they buy more from you, 29.5% more.

The size of your business doesn't matter.  Digital signage is for everyone.

Whether you are a small bar, a large nightclub, a casino, a large concessions company or even a trade show vendor, every client project is different and one price does not fit all.  In any case, you'll end up with a marketing platform and service you can both trust and afford.
Let's discuss your needs.
Your business is important.  Your customers are important.
Managing your digital marketing is critical.

It may seem daunting - managing your screens, building your layouts, and creating your content graphics and information on a regular and ongoing basis.

That's why ip|NARROWCAST does it ALL so you don't have to.
Industry insights. 

"Technology marches ever onward, whether we do or not.  You can either be at the front of the parade, or you can bring up the rear."
Digital signage touches the consumer mind on an entirely different level than print media."
"We tell our clients to pay much more attention to their content and creative process than the hardware and software.  Once they turn on the system, if it's ugly, it's ugly big."
"When it comes to digital signage, sometimes it pays to be subtle.  The goal is not to blow consumers away with an elaborate presentation.  If they walk away from your sign thinking about your presentation and not your message, then all your efforts are simply bluff and bluster."
"The best hardware and software the world has to offer will fail spectacularly if they are used to deliver weak, boring or poorly designed content."
"Digital signage displays increase the average purchase amount by 29.5%"
     - Info Trends Study
Our Software Brings Your Screens to Life.
Our Service puts profits in your pocket.

Digital signage you can afford and trust.

Reduce your waste and go green with digital signage.
Reduce your waste and go greener with digital signage